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What are the medical anatomic models

What are the medical anatomic models

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What are the medical anatomic models? Medical anatomic models are a necessary medical tool for medical students to simulate operations in class and improve their actual cognitive ability.

What are the medical anatomic models? Medical anatomic models are a necessary medical tool for medical students to simulate operations in class and improve their actual cognitive ability. The main categories include first aid training model, medical nursing model, Human Skeleton Anatomical Model, human torso model, human acupuncture model and human anatomical model, etc.

customized medical anatomic models

First aid skill training model:

The first aid skill training model is a medical model used for simulation operations in hospitals and medical schools. It can truly simulate all relevant physical signs of emergency patients, such as pupil status, arterial pulsation, heart rhythm, cardiopulmonary auscultation sound, etc., and can use all clinical first aid measures. The model can show different vital signs changes according to different rescue measures of the operator. With the open case editing function, teachers can independently edit the emergency cases needed according to clinical practice or teaching needs for student training.

Medical nursing model:

Nursing model is a medical model used in daily nursing operations or participating in nursing learning and practice. The development of human beings in nursing science has prompted the advent of nursing models, and the status of nursing models in medicine has gradually entered people's eyes. The volatility of human life style makes it difficult to deal with some medical care and first aid measures, so that medical practitioners must have the necessary nursing and first aid skills and awareness. The birth of nursing model, first aid model, baby model, cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulator and various medical models just fills up the human desire for nursing operation training and first aid operation training, so that we can learn and practice necessary nursing in daily life And first aid operations and skills.

Human skeleton model:

The human skeleton model is a detachable and water-washed model that is made of pvc material stringed with metal wires in order to meet the needs of basic anatomy. Human bone size specifications: 170cm, 130cm, 85cm, 65cm, 45cm, 20cm and other different specifications. Human bone models of various specifications are not just the difference in proportions. For example, there are hard spine and soft spine in 85cm, and 130cm and 170cm skeletal models show nerve branches, vertebral arteries and lumbar intervertebral discs. The skull consists of a movable chin, a movable skull cap, bone sutures and 3 removable lower teeth.

Human torso model:

The human torso model shows the normal position and structure of human organs and their relationship. It is a model used in the teaching of human anatomy. It enables students to understand the relationship between the normal posture of adults and internal organs, and shows the positions of the main organs. The structure is widely used in many fields such as medicine and biology.

Human acupuncture model:

The human acupuncture model is made of bright-colored pvc plastic, marking the acupuncture points and external meridian points on the human meridian line. The acupuncture points are located and approved by well-known acupuncture experts and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in accordance with relevant national standards. Human acupuncture models are also medical models.

Human anatomical model:

Anatomical model of the human body, in simple terms, refers to a model for intuitively dissecting the internal organs of the human body, vividly showing the internal structure of each human organ. General medical teaching models have conventional dimensions. If you are worried about omissions or wrong purchases, you can directly consult online customers for help.