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Grade will be sent to the mainland precious "gift" Taiwan will hold a welcoming ceremony

Number of visits: Date:2016-4-26

  Network across the Taiwan Strait April 2 hearing 9:30 today in the Harbor "Terminal Love", the mainland for Taiwan and South Pole Expedition "Snow Dragon" scientific research ship's visit, held a grand welcoming ceremony. During the Antarctic continent will be invited to Taiwan three units precious gift "a gift" --- "Antarctic rock" and "large Antarctic krill," and many other biological specimens.

  Of these gifts, the Antarctic continent, especially from the Antarctic scientific expedition team to collect the "Great Antarctic krill" and other valuable biological specimens in particular, will be presented to Taiwan as a marine life museum collections and scientific research purposes. Zhengxiu Taiwan University Professor, Taiwan Museum of Marine Biology Museum Curator Dr. Fang Lihang yesterday in an interview with our reporter said that the Antarctic krill and other biological specimens, the Museum of Marine Biology in Taiwan, there is special significance, because the museum ", including the Arctic, including the collection of all marine biological specimens around the world, but no specimens of Antarctic Marine Living the mainland of the Antarctic scientific expedition team of the special gift to make up for this deficiency."

  It is reported that the Kaohsiung City Bureau of Oceanography Secretary, chairman of Research, Development and Evaluation Xu Ming, Huang Wen-shu Tung University, Zhengxiu University of Science and Technology Vice-Chancellor will attend the welcoming ceremony. University of Science and Technology Zhengxiu students mainland scientific staff will also show "Sung Chiang Battle Array" and the lion, and so on.

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